Fine Stationary and Invitations
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Formalize Your Ceremony

Programs have become an integral part of today’s weddings because they serve many functions:

  • Programs make your guests feel “at home” during your wedding ceremony by providing a guide to the ceremony and the people involved in it.
  • Programs make timeless souvenirs that your families and guests can take with them to remember your special day.
  • Programs can provide information about how to get to the reception.
  • Programs are the most appropriate place to recognize deceased parents, grandparents, etc.
  • Programs can inform guests about your new address, phone number, etc.

60 P

TS 43S & TS 51

Motif: RVC & RB04

Cobalt Ink

Program Specifics

For the most flexible custom program, we use our business card stock (in white or ecru) for the cover and, if needed, a matching letterhead stock for the inner sheets. We have 4 different measurements/types of Program templates you can choose from: 11 x 7.75 scored at 5.5, 10.25 x 7.25 scored at 5 1/8 with Inner sheets at 10 x 7 centered, 8.5 x 11 scored at 4.25 Linen texture, or 4.125 x 11 Linen card*. Prices include the stock, printing front and back, and scoring the cover for easier folding; if you do not email us the copy (text) for the program in a Word document, you may incur additional typesetting costs.

If you would like to drill holes for ribbons it is an extra $18 for the first 100 programs and an additional $4 for every 25 after that.

We use the cursive font from your invitations and TS 43S unless otherwise specified.

* The 4.125 x 11 Linen card has a minimum order of 200 due to processing needs.


Menus are a great guide for your guests from the rehearsal dinners to the Reception. If you are having a course meal with multiple options, a menu will be a valuable help as well as an aesthetically appealing addition to your stationary.

Sizes can range from 20 ELC to Tea Length. Depending on your menu selection we can put a menu on most of our size options. See below for some examples.

22 P

TS 61 & Garamond


Black Ink


22 P

TS 43S & TS 60

Motif: RZ02, RB04, RB03

Slate Ink


Sample 1 (Front)

60 P

TS 53 & TS 48

Wedgewood and Slate Ink

Sample 1 (Back)

Sample 2 (Front)

60 P

TS 51 & TS 91

Motif: RCC & DO1210

Gray Ink

Sample 2 (Back)

Sample 3 (Front)

60 P

TS 12, TS 11, TS 43S, TS 43R, & TS 70

Custom Monogram

Slate Ink

Sample 3 (Back)

Sample 4 (front)

60 P

TS 32W & TS 93

RB04 motif and custom cover art

Black Ink

Sample 4 (back)

Sample 5 (front)

60 P

TS 5

RVC motif

Black & Gold Ink

Sample 5 (back)

Sample 6 (front)

60 P

TS 43S & TS 32W

Custom cover art

Black Ink

Sample 6 (back)


20 ELC

Custom Hand Calligraphy

Custom Artwork

Rose & Black Ink

Sample 1

Tea Length

TS 60 & TS 43S

Gold Ink

Sample 2

Tea Length

TS 43S & TS 32W

Thick-thin border

Midnight Ink

Sample 3