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We offer affordable engraved, thermographed and letterpressed invitations and accessories on fine papers, including Crane’s®. Reaves Engraving, Inc. offers a full stationery ensemble for your wedding (save the date announcements, invitations, wedding announcements, response sets, reception cards, at home cards, etc…), social stationery (informal notes, monogram notes, correspondence cards, calling cards, letter sheets and moving/change of address cards), as well as business stationery (letterhead and business cards). 

Reaves Engraving prides itself on serving brides since 1933. We have done so, and will continue to do so, by providing an excellent experience to the bridal couple through quality craftsmanship, superior customer service and exceptional pricing. Should you have any questions about what Reaves can do for you please contact us via, this website or by calling toll-free 1-877-610-4499.

Our company is steeped in traditional ideals such as elegance, service and value. We pride ourselves on providing extraordinary products and superior service at affordable prices. Reaves Engraving has been a part of thousands of weddings over our more than 85 years in the industry. We were here for your grandparents and will be here for your grandchildren. Rest assured, that when you work with us, you will receive personal attention, even when using our website. Each order is reviewed by members of our staff. Our customer service staff has an average of more than fifteen years of experience working with wedding invitations on a daily basis.  We are able to assist even the most particular customers in finding, and sometimes designing, the perfect invitations for their events. Each member of our staff is trained to help you with any questions you may have about the etiquette or aesthetics of your invitations and stationery.


Our Location

Our office is located just outside of Historic Downtown Laurinburg, North Carolina, which is on Highway 74, halfway between Charlotte and Wilmington. For directions, please use 311 South King Street for our physical address if you are using a GPS or internet map service.


Community Efforts

As a corporation Reaves Engraving supports local endeavors such as the Scotland County Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Center; and engages in a leadership role in programs like the Scotland County Parks and Recreation; Boy Scouts of America and with the Scotland county Chamber of Commerce on county-wide business issues.The Scotland County Humane Society receives a great deal of attention as they helped place several valuable “employees” to serve as the night watch over the years.

Reaves Engraving FAQ’s and Guarantee!

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1. Are your samples the only options you have?

No.  Almost everything on the samples is mix and match.  Fonts, ink colors, embossments, motifs and printing processes can be used on any of the pieces. We don't, however, mix processes within the same order (e.g. engraved invitation and thermographed response set because inks don't match.)

2. What do paper numbers mean?

The numbers describe the size of and number of panels on the stock, (e.g. 6 indicates a paper size of 5 1/2" by 7 3/4" and a following “1” means a single panel.) The letters after the numbers describe the paper type and format, (e.g. “EL” is our elegant paper; a final “C”, as in “ELC”, would indicate an Elegant card, while no “C” would indicate a folded sheet.)
* Elegant - Ivory (an eggshell ivory) EL or ELC in the paper number. Folded sheets are 171 lb text weight; cards are 130 lb cover weight.
* Elegant - White - WRE or WREC in the paper number. Folded sheets are 171 lb text weight; cards are 130 lb cover weight.
* Deckled Edge - Navy is 171 lb Midnight Blue deckled edge; Ivory is 171 lb Ecru deckled edge; Gold is 130 lb Ecru Vellum with Gold deckled edge; Kraft is 130 lb Kraft brown with Gold deckled edge; Pearl deckled Premier size is 115 lb Hi White with Pearl deckled edge and Pearl deckled Empire size is 220 lb Pearl White Lettra Cotton with feathered edge.
* Colored Paper - Unique two sided colored cards that can be foil printed on both sides if desired. Selections come in Navy and Gold, with a Latte (light brown) colored pearlized reverse side. Gold card is 197 lb cover weight and the Navy card is 210 lb cover weight stock.
* 100% Cotton - Dark Ecru - COC in the paper number. 130 lb cover weight stock.
* Crane™ Lettra- Pearl White or Fluorescent White - PLC or WLC in the paper number. Available in both 110# and 220# cover weight stock. The 220# stock has a "+" in the paper number (e. g. 110# stock would be PLC and 220# stock would be PLC+).

2019 Invitation Coding Chart

2019 Invitation Coding Chart

3. How do I place an order?

We need to get your information in writing, preferably on one of our order forms. If you fax your order to our office, call afterwards to verify receipt of all pages and to answer any questions we might have concerning your order. We DO NOT process any faxed orders until we receive a confirming phone call. If you mail or email your order, we will contact you if we have any questions. If you do not hear from us
after a sufficient amount of time, please contact us. The day we process your order we will email an acknowledgement and invoice. Again, if you do not receive a confirmation in a reasonable length of time after submitting your order, please contact us.

4. Why should I order extra invitations or envelopes?

We urge you to consider ordering more stationery than you think you will need. Since guest lists frequently come from four or more sources - e.g. bride, groom, bride’s family and groom’s family - it is easy for the final number to exceed original estimates. Reordering is both expensive and time-consuming. Remember to have extra envelopes to allow for mistakes in addressing. The quantity needed varies depending on the number of invitations ordered, the number of invitations you expect to actually send and the process of addressing the envelopes.

5. Do I need to pay in advance or provide a deposit?

Orders need to be paid in full when the final proof is approved. If you do not select the proof option, then you need to provide payment information (check, Visa, MasterCard or Discover) when you place the order. Charges for calligraphy and stamping are processed after the services are finished as we charge you only for the number of items calligraphied and/or stamped.

6. How long does it take to receive an order?

Once your order is processed, it will go to our typesetting department. If you selected the Proof option, we typeset the order and email you a proof within 4-5 working days. Our Fast Service option accelerates the order entry and typesetting time so we try to get the proof emailed to you within one (1) working day. Engraved, embossed, letterpressed or foil stamped orders are scheduled to ship in
12 - 14 working days of receipt of proof approval; thermographed orders typically ship within 5-7 working days of receipt of proof approval. Approvals received after 2:00 pm are counted as approved on the next business day. Additional services, such as using a special-ordered stock, calligraphy, folding and stuffing, adding a backing layer or hand-lined envelopes or stamping will add additional time before shipping.
We do our best to accommodate special timing requests. If it is important that you receive your stationery by, or after, a certain date, please inform us of the timing when you place the order. If you feel that timing may be an issue, please contact us to discuss what options may be available. We normally ship orders via UPS ground service which requires a street address for delivery.

7. What's the difference between engraving, embossing, thermography and letterpress?

Genuine Engraving and Embossing provide raised text and images by etching the text (or image) for your stationery into a metal plate. The plate is then fastened into an engraving press. Ink is applied to the plate and the face of the plate is wiped so that ink remains only in the etched portions of the plate. The plate is then stamped onto the stationery using tremendous pressure which forces part of the paper into the etched portion of the plate. The “trademarks” of engraving are the “bruises” or indentations on the back of the stationery - the products of the pressure necessary to press the paper into the etched portions of the engraving plate. Embossing is the same process except that no ink is used.
Letterpress results in text and images indented into the paper. As with engraving, the plate is fastened to a press, however the raised portions of the plate (the text and images) indent the paper. Ink is applied to the plate and then the plate is stamped onto the waiting paper. The pressure of the press forces the inked letters into the paper.
Thermography and Flat Printing, unlike the other processes, are produced on a high-speed offset press - the same kind of press used to produce newspapers, flyers and other printed items. The two processes differ after the press puts ink on the paper. Flat printed pieces are complete at that point. Thermographed items, on the other hand, are then sprinkled with powdered resin which sticks
to the wet ink. The excess resin is then vacuumed off the paper and the stationery proceeds through a heated tunnel. The high temperature causes the ink and resin mixture to boil and results in the raised effect you can feel on the completed stationery. The finished piece has an appearance similar to engraving but without the bruising on the reverse and the text or image typically takes on a slightly shiny appearance.

8. Can I get a thermographed _________ along with my engraved invitations?

Yes and no. Anything that is mailed with the invitations (e.g., response sets, reception cards or return address on the envelope flaps) should be in the same printing process as the invitation--with exceptions for embossed flaps, response envelopes and information cards. Social stationery can be in a different printing process as it is not sent with the ensemble.

9. How do I know the price of what I want?

Price lists are included on the website for you on the Prices page. Select the page that has the item you want to order and then find the section for the type of paper you want (e.g., an Elegant card, in the standard size) followed by the row for the printing process. Track across to the quantity column you need and you've got the price for the item. If you are adding embellishments like an ink color or embossment, check the Miscellaneous Items/Services page for the additional costs. To price 100 Elegant, Standard size, Card Invitations (60ELC) with letterpress ink color foil stamped press run, one would use the prices from the price sheets:
Invitations - $215
Midnight Ink - $15
2nd Foil Stamped Run - $66
If you have questions concerning pricing, please call us, 877-610-4499 or email us at

10. What do Reaves’ prices include?

All engraved items include the engraving plate used to create that item. However, engraving/embossing plates for return address flaps are shipped upon request only.
For all wedding invitations and announcements-double (outer and inner--unless otherwise noted) blank envelopes and up to fourteen (14) lines of typesetting and tissues if chosen on order form. A Reaves Engraving imprint is embossed on the throat of each inner envelope. For accessory and response cards: up to four (4) lines of typesetting.
For all return addresses and response envelopes (included with response card): up to three (3) lines of typesetting.

11. What envelope liners do you offer?

Pre-lined envelopes are available for some of our EL(C) and WRE(C) envelopes, while Reaves Engraving Custom Hand-Cut and Adhered Liners are available for all envelopes. Our website has hand-lined options; Cotton, Duplex, Lettra, and Ivory envelopes are not available pre-lined.

2019 Pre-lined Envelope Chart

2019 Pre-lined Envelope Chart

12. Can you send my envelopes early?

Blank envelopes (i.e., no return address) can be shipped ahead for an additional charge. Envelopes with a return address are completed with the ensemble and unable to be shipped ahead.

13. How do I put together the ensemble after I receive it?

When assembling your ensemble, place the tissue on top of the writing on the invitation. Place the reception card - with the text facing the same direction as the text on the invitation - on the bottom half of the invitation. Slip the response card under the flap of the response envelope so the text is partially visible under the flap and then place them, with the envelope’s text face down, on the top half of the
invitation. If you are including an information card, it should be placed beneath the reception card.

14. How much postage is required?

Most of our ensembles--invitation, double envelopes and response set--require 2 ounce postage as they are just over the 1 ounce weight. Oversized invitations also incur a "non-machinable surcharge." Have your post office weigh and measure a completed ensemble to determine correct postage prior to affixing postage to the ensembles!

Reaves' Guarantee

If our work for you is not of equal or higher quality than our samples, with the exception of the mill tolerance for the paper, we will refund your money promptly upon receipt of the returned merchandise.  If we make an error by not following exactly the copy you provide or the changes you approve, your order will be redone expeditiously at no cost to you.  Reaves is not responsible for any errors on the completed stationery that are shown on a proof if you approved the proof, so review your proof carefully before approving it for production.  Please inspect your order carefully and promptly when you receive it so we may be of best assistance should there be a problem, including any shortages. We are unable to compensate you for an error with your stationery if you choose to use the stationery or contact us 15 days or more after we shipped the order.

Do not assume that your order will look exactly like our samples, a friend’s or neighbor’s stationery or even your previous order - we do not guarantee them to match.  Therefore, if you have any special requests for spacing between lines, placement of the text, size of the letters, ink colors or any specific aspect of your stationery, please indicate them clearly on the order form or on an attached page.  If you do not specifically tell us differently in writing, we will produce your stationery according to traditionally correct style and our professional aesthetic judgment.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS at all, please give us a call at 877-610-4499 or email us at! We are here to help you and take the stress of choosing the perfect products away from you!