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About our Prices

Pricing Generalization

Prices for invitation suites and stationery depend mainly on a few variables: the paper, the printing process and the quantity. Other embellishments like substituting or adding ink colors, adding embossed images or having the ink touch the edges of the piece can also add to the overall cost. To estimate the cost of an ensemble, download the price sheet for the items in which you are interested. Select the page that has the item you want to order (e.g., card (non-folding) invitations) and then find the section for the type of paper you want (e.g., an Elegant card, in the premier size) followed by the row for the printing process. Track across to the quantity column you need and you've got the price for the item. If you are adding embellishments like an ink color or embossment, check the Personalization page for the additional costs. To price 100 Elegant, Premier size, Card Invitations (LT60ELC) with 2 letterpress ink colors and a bleed one would use the prices from the price sheets:
Invitations - $169
Breeze Ink - $15
2nd Letterpress Run - $100
Mocha Ink - $15
Bleed - $22

Prices include:

All engraved items include the engraving plate used to create that item. However, engraving/embossing plates for return address flaps are shipped upon request only.
For all wedding invitations and announcements—double (outer and inner--unless otherwise noted) blank envelopes and up to fourteen (14) lines of typesetting. A Reaves Engraving imprint is embossed on the throat of each inner envelope.
For accessory and response cards—up to four (4) lines of typesetting.
For all return addresses and response envelopes (included with response card) — up to three (3) lines of typesetting. Each response set includes the response card and the response envelope with a return address on the front.