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Send us your artwork

“How to” send Reaves Engraving your Wedding Artwork

Providing us with any desired wedding artwork isn’t hard or complicated. Here are some handy tips to help you send us the best quality artwork for stunning results!

Tip 1: The best files to send are PDF, EPS or JPEG files. PDF and EPS files are best for artwork, line drawings, etc. JPEG files are best for photographs. PDF files are fairly universal as they handle both text, artwork and photographs equally well. DO NOT send bitmapped (BMP) files as they are very low quality and will not reproduce satisfactorily for printing purposes.

Tip 2:  Make sure your artwork is of good quality and size. Larger artwork files can be scaled down easily, while smaller artwork files are not easily scaled up.

Tip 3: Text can be provided to us in a variety of ways. The best is in a word processing document program such as Microsoft Word. We can convert files such as Apple’s Pages, however Word is the preferred method. We can also extract copy electronically from email as well as PDF documents.

Tip 4: Please DO NOT capitalize all letters. If you wish to use a font in your ensemble that is a capital letter font, you can specify this on your order form. Most all of these fonts have upper and lower case letters. Unless you specifically require that certain text be in all capital letters, provide type to us as you see here, with normal upper- and lower-case letters. We would greatly appreciate it!

Tip 5: We know with social media and websites like Pinterest and Etsy, there are many examples on the internet of artwork, fonts and layouts. While we encourage you to send us examples from the internet, please understand we cannot use most of these directly on your stationary. We will do our best to replicate ideas, formats and type styles/fonts when we can, but they may not be exact matches to your example.

Tip 6: If you have specific artwork or pictures you would like to use, make sure it is available for commercial use or you have the rights to use it. Using your own photography is perfectly fine, but if you would like to use a professional photograph or one taken by a professional photographer, please assure you have permission to do so. Many venues, churches and other public domain photography and images are free to use on such items as wedding invitations or maps, but some do require licenses from the creator.  We will be happy to help you determine what needs to be done if there is a particular piece of art or photography you would like to include in your ensemble.

Our desire is to provide you with the perfect wedding ensemble for your special day! Please contact us at 877-610-4499 or with any questions you may have concerning how to submit copy of artwork. 

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