Informal Notes

Fold-over notes 4.875” x 3.5” with informal noteone’s married name – e.g., Mrs. John Henry Smith – engraved, letterpressed or thermographed on page 1— i.e., the front of the note after it has been folded. Any of our typestyles may be used for thetypestyle on the informal as well as adding a motif, informal noteembossment, ink color or hand calligraphy for a little different look.

The informal note, ironically, is considered the note that should be used to respond to formal invitations and correspondence. Some of our clients prefer the smaller size of the informal informal notenote to the larger monogram note (and some even use a monogram on the informal note instead of their name).

Correspondence Cards

Non-folded cards, 6.375” x 4.625”, orcorrespondence card if requested, 4.375" by 3.875" that are typically used by men as thank you notes. When used by women, they are less formal than either monogram or informal notes. correspondence cardConventionally these cards have one name centered at the top of the card, women may choose to use only their first name to complete the more casual appearance. However, should you desire a different look, you could use a monogram on the top of the correspondence cardcard in the center or a corner, or perhaps having your name at the top and your address along the bottom is more to your liking. As with our other stationery, you can add a motif,embossment, ink color or hand calligraphy for a different look. To use a correspondence card as correspondence card“house stationery” only your address or family crest would be engraved,thermographed, letterpressed or embossed across the top of the card.

Monarch Sheets and Letter Sheets

The most formal versions of social stationery. These sheets are used to reply to fomal invitations, for letters of condolence or for lengthy personal correspondence. Monarch sheets are 7.25" by 10.5" while a letter sheet is a full 8.5" by 11".