Sympathy Acknowledgements

Originally, sympathy acknowledgements were handwritten notes of appreciation sent to family, friends and business associates who expressed condolences, sent flowers, made memorials, etc. when someone died.  Acknowledgements were sent to those whom the family did not know personally and even then, only when there was a large number of acknowledgements to be made.  Today, however, acknowledgements are sent to everyone to whom thanks for kindnesses are owed.  Typically, sympathy acknowledgements are done on plain or panelled white or off-white cards or folded notes, with notes being the more common since they allow room to write a personal message on the inside.  The traditional black border (the thickness of which symbolized the closeness of the sender to the deceased) is rarely used today.

We prefer to use our monogram note papers for these notes. We feel their size allows a thoughtful poem, prose or note to be included without overly taxing the writer. Please let us know when you order if you prefer to have them open left to right (rather than the standard top to bottom).

A standard expression of acknowledgement on a note with a panel
Personalized notes with motifs for a more casual note
Traditional wording for a more formal note