Ceremony Programs

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Programs have become an integral part of today’s weddings because they serve many functions:program and invitation


single programFor the most flexible custom program, we use our business card stock (in white or ivory) for the cover and, if needed, a matching letterhead stock for the inner sheets.  You can use any size program as long as it can be derived from an 8 1/2" by 11" piece of stock.  Prices include the stock, printing front and back, scoring the cover for easier folding and drilling holes for ribbon; if you do not email us the copy (text) for the program in a Word document, you may incur additional typesetting costs.covers


shell programProgram Cover or Card - Business Card Stock in Ivory or White
1st 100 Price - $120
Additional 25s - $19


Inner Sheet - Letterhead Sheet in Ivory or White
1st 100 Price - $85
Additional 25s - $15


liturgical symbolA more traditional cover is a 61CL (large ivory panel) sheet or a 61WCL (large white panel) sheet with a liturgical symbol embossed or thermographed within the panel; inner sheets are 30CL (medium ivory non-panel) sheet or 30WCL (medium white non-panel) sheets with ceremony information potentially printed on pages one, two, three and/or four.

Traditional Cover
1st 100 - $120
Additional 25s - 19

Other options include 1) adding an explanation of the liturgical symbol on the bottom of page three of the cover, 2) using an embossed 3-letter monogram in place of the liturgical symbol or 3) using embossed entwined rings between the bride and groom’s monograms in place of the liturgical symbol.


If you are looking for a simple fan program, we have several options: a petite (5" by 6.5") and deckled edge (6.25" by 6.25").  The prices below include two ecru cards, printing on both in black ink, handles and adhesive strips.

1st 100 - $180
Additional 25's - $20

Petite Deckled Edge
petite_fan deckle fan