Seating Cards

We offer both flat cards with envelopes and tent (folded) cards. Many customers will use both--cards in envelopes at the door to inform guests at which table they will be seated, and tent cards on the table showing each person’s seat assignment. If you do not have assigned seats you can use either the card and envelope or the tent card at the entrance to the reception.

Guest lists should be emailed to approximately 2 weeks prior to the wedding date. We will process your list and email you the proof list and seating card samples within 1 working day. Upon receiving your final approval we will ship your order within 2-3 working days.

Please fax us your order form (front and back) on the day you email the guest list to us. Be sure to circle the option, lettering style and paper color you wish to order. Please note that there are four lettering styles we recommend due to space limitations and clarity of reading; however, other lettering styles can be done by special request. Special request orders may require additional time and incur additional expense.

Option A - Tent Card with Name on Front
Option B - Tent Card with Name and "Table Number ___" on Front
Option C - Tent Card with Name on Front and "Table Number __" on Inside
Option D - Tent Card with Name on Front and "Table number 1" (2, 3, ...) on Inside
Option E - Name on Envelope and "Table Number __" on card
Option F - Name on Envelope and "Table Number 1" (2, 3, ...) on card
Our house embossments, or your embossment, can be used on seating cards; add $45 per 100 cards and add two weeks to the prodution time.

Please follow these instructions for best aesthetics and fastest turnaround time:

  1. We recommend using only title and surname on place cards or envelopes (e g. Mr. and Mrs. Caldwell, Mr. and Mrs. Currie, Mr. and Mrs. Osteen). The more letters you have on the 3 ½ inch area, the smaller the font size will be. It is easier for your guests to find their cards when the lettering size is not reduced. If you have duplicate last names you can use a first initial (Mr. and Mrs. B. Caldwell) or use two lines, having “Mr. and Mrs.” on the first line and then “Jonathan Caldwell” on the second line – both lines centered on the card. We can do “Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Caldwell” on one line but again, the font size will be very small and the ink may close up in letters such as “e”. Do not use “Jr.”, “Sr.” or “III” on a name unless it is needed for distinquishing between guests.

  1. Type your list in a word processing program. Do not number entries. If you want two lines or names on a card do not put an extra space between them. Only leave an extra space between cards:

Mr. Caldwell

and Guest


Ms. Smith

Mr. Alexander


Mr. and Mrs. Jones

Suzanne, Emily and Robert

  1. If an unmarried couple is invited, the lady should always be on the first line and the man on the second. If the couple is married with different surnames (or the woman has a professional title) then put the word “and” before his name on the second line.

Ms. Caldwell

Mr. Bert


Ms. Rivenbark

and Mr. Murphy

Dr. Osteen

and Mr. Osteen

  1. Young children can be named on their parent’s card or envelope; however, older children enjoy having their own.

  1. If you are doing individual seating assignment tent cards at each place setting on the table, first and last names can be used. Titles should also be used if you are having a formal reception:

Ms. Kellie Caldwell

Mr. John Smith

Mrs. John Smith

Mrs. Rebecca Smith

  1. When ordering envelopes with Card Option 2, please do not send us a list with the specific table assignments. We will only need to know how many of each card (“Table number 1” or “Table number 2”) that you need. When ordering these, keep in mind if you have a table of 12 you may only need 6 cards if all of the guests are couples. (If you know you have 12 single guests, then you would need 12 cards.) It is always a good idea to order at least 2 extra of each table number so that if you have to “shuffle” names at the last minute, you will have a few extras.

  1. If sending a list for place cards Option D, please arrange the list so that all the guests seated at Table number 1 are first, Table number 2 are second, etc.

  1. If you are assigning your tables names instead of numbers, we can calligraphy the name on the card for you.