All of our stationery is personalized. Wording, fonts, printing processes, ink colors and all other aspects can be tailored to fit your stationery suite.

Choose from paper type (a card or folded invitation) and color: Classic - Ivory, Classic - White, Elegant, Elite, Crane's®. We carry a limited supply of Crane's® Lettra and Arturo papers a well.

The next choice for our house papers is the size of the paper (standard - 5.5" by 7.75"; small - 5.125" by 7.25"; tea length - 4" by 9.25"; square - 7"; or oversize - 6" by 9") and how many panels (embossed frames) you want. All of our wedding invitations come with double envelopes.

Once you have your paper selected, choose your printing process (engraving, letterpress or thermography--foil stamping coming soon!).

You can select from the following options to customize your stationery to fit your style and event.




Ink Colors

Envelope liners

Backing layers