For those who want to pull the look of their stationery suite to the reception, consider having Reaves produce your menus.

Left: Thermographed Black, CL-4-C monogram with TS6 and TS34

Middle Left: Thermographed Gold, TS32W, TS32 and TS34

Middle: Letterpress Sage, TL333 and TS52 with TS34 in all caps and italics

Middle Right: Thermographed Silver, CL-12 monogram with TS7 and TS43S

Right: Letterpress Black, TS32W, TS32 and TS43S with RFP bled off bottom

Menu prices are determined based on the paper, printing process and quantities. Most of our clients use our Party Invitation stock (less the envelopes) for their menus.