Letterpress printed in black and breeze ink with RLD1

Fonts 43S & 52

Engraved breeze ink with RVF1 embossed

Fonts 43S & 32W

Thermographed black and sky ink

Fonts 93 & 6

Thermographed black ink with RHB2

Fonts 93 & 30

Thermographed mocha and gold inks

Fonts 30 & 5

Lettepress printed black ink and embossed Dogwood

Font 86

Thermographed slate ink with TL333

Fonts 93 & 32W

Thermographed olive ink on olive printed backing layer

Font 32p & 32W with additional flourishes

Engraved black and gold ink with RFC

Font 6

Thermographed sage and copper inks and TL169

Font 36

Thermographed black ink

Arturo deckled edge stock (black background is to help make the deckle visible only)

Font 6 and CL-12 monogram

Letterpress printed black ink

Font 51

Letterpress printed in cobalt ink

Fonts 43S and 35


Some customes have a theme that they want to carry through their ensembles. Below are examples of customer supplied artwork that we incorporated into their designs.